Hey all!

Just thought I’d update this with a little bit of information about myself, since a lot of you do not know me personally.

The now: I am 28 years old, my birthday is in the dead of winter (February) and my least favorite season is – that’s right, winter. I detest being cold and would prefer to hibernate over these next couple of coooold winter months. I married the love of my life {Aaron} July 19, 2014 after 8 years of dating and we have one {very high maintenance} dog named Bailey. She’s spoiled rotten. We live in Coldwater in a perfect location just outside of town – the only thing better would be if I owned a piece of property with some beautiful fences, barns, and streams for reasons I’m sure you can guess..

I currently spend my week day mornings at a desk job in Coldwater, working for Phillips Steel has been the best thing to happen to me. The schedule has allowed me to not only pursue my dream career of photography but also to return to school to earn a degree in it (I also have to credit my awesome husband for this too because without his willingness to support me through this endeavor I never would have been able to do it). I’m on track to graduate in the Spring 16 and I can’t wait!

How it started: Some of my first memories of photography came from my childhood when my mom worked for a local artist named Norm Darwish. He took photos using a specific kind of t-max film and developed them in a specific way so that artists (like my mom) could go back in with oil paints, and colored pencil and turn black and white photos into colorful pieces of art. I remember his dark room because he had a very cool train set that ran all the way around it, he also spray painted a pair of platform shoes bright red and gave them to me as a kid. I thought they were the most amazing shoes {ha!}. I also remember one Christmas morning waking up to unwrap my very own Kodak Easy Share digital camera which I proceeded to use to photograph everyone and everything around me (big shout out to my mom and dad for that one because I loved it!) I have spent my whole life surrounded by art, and music, and creativity, it’s all I can hope for to continue for it to be that way. Probably helps that I married a musician/band director!

The why: I love to photograph people, their expressions, their mannerisms, their emotions. I like to consider myself a “real life” photographer – because that’s what I want to capture – genuine, real life emotions, places, people, and events! I also have a serious love for the weird – I love editorial and high fashion photography – so give me the crazy make up and hair any day!

I  also love dark chocolate, dark rooms, medium format film, my canon DSLR, traveling to new and far away places, trying new things and foods, and spending lazy days in bed watching netflix with my love. I also have the best friends & family who all happen to be one in the same. I am BLESSED.



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